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All Dial Covers $20.00 Each All Dial Covers $20.00 Each All Dial Covers $20.00 Each
Make Model Make Model Make Model
Addison 2 Ford Car Radio 1936 Simplex/Balkeit Unknown
Addison 2 Soft Edge Ford Car Radio 1937 Sky_Chief Unknown
Addison 586B Freshman Masterpiece 686 Sky_Rover 6028
Admiral 12-B5 Galvin 61F21 Sky-Rover 477
Admiral 139-11A Garod 1450 Peak Top Sonora 179
Admiral 16D25 Garod 1B55L Sonora 625/626/627
Admiral 371-5R Garod 5A2 Sonora C-22
Admiral 373-5R Garod 6AU-1 Sonora KM "Coronet"
Admiral 4206-C6 GE F-80 Sonora LKSU-180
Admiral 4215-C7 General Electric 72 Sonora WEU-262
Admiral 51-A6 General Electric 125 Sparton 59
Admiral 51K6 52K6 General Electric 218 Sparton 68
Admiral 53K6 General Electric 525 Sparton 98
Admiral 5-D-15 General Electric 542 Sparton 467
Admiral 5F General Electric 50 Clock Sparton 517
Admiral 5J21N General Electric 512 Clock Sparton 518
Admiral 5K11 General Electric 514 Clock Sparton 538
Admiral 5K12 General Electric A-66 Sparton 567
Admiral 5K13 General Electric C-121 Sparton 628
Admiral 5K14 General Electric C2418A "Mickey" Sparton 671
Admiral 7C65 General Electric CL500 Sparton 768
Admiral 7T10E General Electric E-101 Sparton 867
Admiral 7T10M-N General Electric E-105 Sparton 1068
Admiral A31 General Electric E-106 Sparton 1089
Admiral AM-899 General Electric E-126 Sparton 1268
Admiral M5 General Electric E-51 Sparton 1568
Admiral M531 General Electric E52 Sparton 1867
Admiral Unknown General Electric E-61 Sparton 6218
Aetna 521 General Electric E-86 Sparton 500DG
Aetna 602 General Electric E-91 Sparton 510-D6
Air King 250 General Electric E-95 Sparton 5AW06
Air King 820 General Electric F-74 Sparton 601S
Air King 910 General Electric F-85 Sparton 661 r/p
Air King 4705 General Electric FB-52 Sparton 6-66A
Air King Skyscraper General Electric FD-62 Sparton 6A-66
Air Master Unknown General Electric G99 Sparton  108
AirCastle 2050 General Electric GD-41 Sparton  5218
AirCastle 6110 General Electric GD-600 Sparton  510DR
AirCastle 106B General Electric GD-610 Sparton  570M
AirCastle 1098AE General Electric H-624 Sparton Canada 5140
AirCastle 14-136 General Electric H-639 Sparton Canada 5149
AirCastle 204AA General Electric HJ-514 Sparton Canada 7141
AirCastle A-2008 Clock General Electric HJ-61 St. Regis 392
AirCastle A-2008 Dial General Electric HJ-619 St. Regis Elliptical
AirCastle Unknown General Electric HJ-624 Stewart Warner 1801
AirCastle Unknown_2 General Electric HP561 Stewart Warner 1802
AirCastle V1032 General Electric J-644 Stewart Warner  R442
AirCastle X8 General Electric JCP562 Stewart Warner 03-5C1
Airline 04BR-730A General Electric K-80 Glass Stewart Warner 03-5E1/03-5J1
Airline 04BR-903A General Electric L-550 Stewart Warner 03-5J1
Airline 04BR-907A General Electric L-570 Stewart Warner 03-5R6
Airline 04WG-803 General Electric M106 Stewart Warner 11-5W1
Airline 14BR-513B General Electric M125 Stewart Warner 13-5U
Airline 14BR-525A General Electric M-50 Stewart Warner 13-6P
Airline 14BR-526A General Electric M-51 Stewart Warner 207DK
Airline 14BR-530A General Electric M-61 Stewart Warner 91-51
Airline 14BR-734A General Electric M-62 Stewart Warner 91-513
Airline 14BR-736A General TV 585 Stewart Warner 91-53
Airline 14BR-736B General TV Radio 520 Stewart Warner 91-62
Airline 14WG-518 General TV Radio 524 Stewart Warner 91-621
Airline 14WG-803 General TV Radio 585 Stewart Warner R1191
Airline 40WG-803 General TV Radio 17A5 Stewart Warner R1495
Airline 54BR-1503A General TV Radio 534 Large Stewart Warner R1801
Airline 54BR-1504A General TV Radio 534 Small Stewart Warner R180A
Airline 54BR-1506B General TV Radio 5A5 Stewart Warner R185
Airline 62-187 General TV Radio A27 Stromberg Carlson 761
Airline 62-305 Gilfillan 16H Stromberg Carlson 1101
Airline 62-307 Gilfillan 54A Stromberg Carlson 1000J
Airline 62-316 Gilfillan 56A Stromberg Carlson 1100H Larger
Airline 62-317 Gilfillan 56A (Small) Stromberg Carlson 1100H Smaller
Airline 62-319 Gilfillan 56B_CB Stromberg Carlson 1204-HM
Airline 62-329 Gilfillan 56E Stromberg Carlson 1500H
Airline 62-368 Gilfillan 5B8 Stromberg Carlson 230-HB
Airline 62-374 Gilfillan 5G8 Stromberg Carlson 240H
Airline 62-376 Gilfillan 5S8 Stromberg Carlson 250-L
Airline 62-377 Gilfillan 68F Stromberg Carlson 500H
Airline 62-409 Gilfillan 6U Stromberg Carlson 500J
Airline 62-419 Gilfillan 7T8 Stromberg Carlson 500S
Airline 62-425 Gilfillan Unknown Stromberg Carlson 58L & 61L
Airline 64B-1504B Globe 532 Stromberg Carlson 58T
American Bosch 505 Globe Champion 300A Stromberg Carlson 600H
American Bosch 510 Globe King VFO Stromberg Carlson 900H
American Bosch 515 Goodyear 770 Stromberg Carlson 900J
American Bosch 565 Goodyear 686B Stromberg Carlson Canada P-H47
American Bosch 605 Goodyear Wings Symphony Catalin
American Bosch 610 Goodyear Wings 588 Televian 3 Manciuria
American Bosch 860 Goodyear Wings 01029 Tempo-Tone 836
American Bosch 575F Granco 770 Clock Tiffany Tone 97
American Bosch 585Y Grantline 503 Tiffany Tone 517
American Bosch 604B1 Grunow 460 Tiffany Tone 5A
American Bosch 850E Grunow 470 Tiffany-Tone 51
American Bosch 854K Grunow 508 Tiffany-Tone 57
Aria Unknown Grunow 580 Tiffany-Tone 83
Aria Unknown 2 Grunow 586 Tiffany-Tone Unknown
Aria Unknown_3 Grunow 588 Trav-ler 442
Ariel Unknown 1936 Grunow 589 Trav-ler 5000
Arkay S5E Grunow 596 Trav-ler 5002
Arvin 68 Grunow 605 Trav-ler 5051
Arvin 78 Grunow 622 Trav-ler 5170
Arvin 89 Grunow 654 Trav-ler 536M
Arvin 502 Grunow 662 Trav-ler 55C42
Arvin 532 Grunow 750 Troy Radio 4
Arvin 534 Grunow 1541 Troy Radio 45
Arvin 544 Grunow 1561 Troy Radio 57
Arvin 632 Hallicrafters 56C46 Troy Radio 79
Arvin 664 Hallicrafters RE-1 Troy Radio 67SW
Arvin 6640 Hallicrafters S29 Troy Radio 77 Disk
Arvin 524A Hallicrafters S38 (A B C) Troy Radio Unknown
Arvin 602A Hallicrafters S39 True Tone Auto 6K
Arvin 617 Rhythm Maid Hallicrafters S40B Truetone D1001
Arvin 622A Halson Unknown Truetone D1002
Arvin 664 Small Hammarlund Clock Truetone D1011
Arvin Rhythm Queen Homestead Unknown Truetone D1014
Atwater Kent 145 Hotel Radio 6A Truetone D1015
Atwater Kent 206 Howard 59 Truetone D1016
Atwater Kent 225 Howard 307 Truetone D1110
Atwater Kent 255 Howard 425 Truetone D1120
Atwater Kent 317 Howard 440 Truetone D1170
Atwater Kent 325 Howard 450 Truetone D1173
Atwater Kent 337 Howard 468 Truetone D1174
Atwater Kent 356 Howard 68 Glass Truetone D2210
Atwater Kent 456 Howard 901 Large Truetone D2211
Atwater Kent 535 Howard 901 Small Truetone D2215
Atwater Kent 545 Howard Unknown Truetone D2610
Atwater Kent 676 Industrial Tool 6000B Truetone D2611
Atwater Kent 725 Industrial Tool 6000BAC Truetone D2615
Atwater Kent 735 Industrial Tool W6T2B Truetone D2819E
Atwater Kent 856 International 1129 Truetone D692
Atwater Kent 865 IRC Kadette 86X Truetone D694
Australia Radiogram Jackson-Bell 556 Truetone D696
Automatic Radio 601 & 602 Jackson-Bell Circa 1935 Truetone D697 / D897
Automatic Radio Tom Thumb Jim Brown 588 Truetone D699
Automatic Radio Tom Thumb Deco Kadette 36 Truetone D711
Automatic Radio Unknown B Kadette 77 Truetone D712
AWA Australia AWA 48 Kadette 87 Truetone D715
Balkeit/Simplex Unknown Kadette 649X Truetone D716
Belknap 86-AE Kadette Classic 12 Truetone D724
Belknap Unknown Kadette L32 Truetone D725
Belmont 601 Knight 11S Truetone D726
Belmont 633 Knight A-01865 Truetone D727
Belmont 636 Knight A-9711 Truetone D732
Belmont 686 Knight A9830 Truetone D905
Belmont 533C Knight B10556 Truetone D930
Belmont 571A Clock Knight Unknown Truetone Four (4)
Belmont 5D111 Lafayette 188 Truetone Stratoscope
Belmont 5D114 Lafayette 6D15 Twentieth Century 100
Belmont 5D128 Lafayette BA-2 Twentieth Century 104
Belmont 5D16 Lafayette D-139 Universal Chicago "A"
Belmont 6D111 Lafayette D-73 Unknown  N1965
Belmont 7D22 Lafayette E22 US Television Clear Sonic
Belmont AD6110 Lafayette E64 Viking 40U52E
Belmont D111 Lafayette EB-66/67/70 Warwick  Circa 1937
Capehart "G" Lafayette JS-183 Warwick  JR
Capehart 75-C-56 Lafayette JS-2 Watterson 505
Chainway 781 Lafayette T-99 Watterson L-540-W
Chicago "A" Unknown Lafayette Unknown Watterson RC4581
Chicago "A" Unknown 2 Lafayette Unknown  2 Watterson Unknown
Clarion C-100 Lafayette Unknown 3 Wells Gardner True Tone 6K Auto
Clarion C100-X Lafayette Unknown_4 Western Air Patrol 46
Climax C Lafayette/Troubador D-140 Western Air Patrol 57
Climax Mini-Console Lawson Clock Western Air Patrol 66
Clinton 620XP Learadio 66 Western Air Patrol 258
Clinton 722XF Lexington 51 Western Air Patrol 733
Clinton 818AS Lyric 546 Western Air Patrol 829
Clinton Unknown Macy Unknown Western Air Patrol Glass 3-7/8" Dia
Coin Radio of America Macy Unknown 2 Western Air Patrol Unk 3-1/8"  Dia
Continental 16R Macy Unknown_3 Western Auto 929
Continental 8K Magnavox CR-156 Western Royal 800
Continental 8KU Majestic 60 Western Royal W1131
Coronado 241 Majestic 2D60 Western Royal W151
Coronado 623 Majestic 3BC90-B Westinghouse 511
Coronado 645 Majestic 4B22 Westinghouse Canada 754X
Coronado 735 Majestic 56 & 156 Westinghouse Canada 757X
Coronado 770 Majestic 5A445R Westinghouse Canada Unknown
Coronado 803 Majestic 62A Westinghouse WR-102A
Coronado 907 Majestic 6M531 Westinghouse WR-103
Coronado 43-8330 Majestic 6T120 Westinghouse WR-12 Clock
Coronado 907_Small Majestic 7T11 Westinghouse WR-150
Coronado C1131 Majestic T2 (chassis) Westinghouse WR-175
Coronado C-800 Majestic   651 Triple Fin Westinghouse WR-177
Coronado G45 Majestic Melody Cruiser Westinghouse WR-179
Crosley 61 Mantola 283 Westinghouse WR-208
Crosley 517 Mantola 283 Tall Westinghouse WR-210
Crosley 534 Mantola 461-5SL Westinghouse WR-222
Crosley 635 Mantola R-404 Westinghouse WR-224
Crosley 715 Mantola R-450A Westinghouse WR-226
Crosley 815 Mantola R-655 Westinghouse WR-228
Crosley 865 Mantola R7543 Westinghouse WR-256
Crosley 1014 Mantola Unknown Westinghouse WR-262
Crosley  JC-6TN Marconi 81 Westinghouse WR-264
Crosley 11A Marconi 84 Westinghouse WR-28
Crosley 11-AC Marconi 201A Westinghouse WR304
Crosley 11B Marshall 610SP Westinghouse WR305
Crosley 13-AE Mason 45-1A Westinghouse WR-328
Crosley 14AG Meck RC-5C5 Trail Blazer Westinghouse WR-330
Crosley 20-AP Meissner 9-1008 Westinghouse WR-338
Crosley 21-AQ Meissner 9-1085 Westinghouse WR-35
Crosley 22AS Meissner  9-1047 Westinghouse WR-42K
Crosley 23-AR Melody Cruiser 921 Westinghouse WR-675A
Crosley 45FA Meteor 7125 Westinghouse WR-8 Columnaire
Crosley 46FB (1946) Meteor 7214 Westinghouse  New Haven Clock
Crosley 52FB Midwest 16-38,18-38,20-38 Westinghouse  WR-205
Crosley 52TA Minerva 117 Wilcox-Gay A52
Crosley 52TF Minerva Tropic Master Wilcox-Gay A70
Crosley 52TF - Large Mission Bell 41 World Radio VFO
Crosley 52TL Mission Bell 45 WRL VFO
Crosley 53TF Mission Bell 46 Zenith 316
Crosley 53TP Mission Bell 386 Zenith 317
Crosley 56T Mission Bell 526 Zenith 5420
Crosley 56TA Mission Bell 526 Zenith 10S130
Crosley 56TAL Mission Bell Picnic Zenith 10S147
Crosley 56TAL Mission Bell Unknown Zenith 10S153
Crosley 56TC Motorola 52 Zenith 10S155
Crosley 56TN Motorola 100 Auto Radio Zenith 10S157
Crosley 56TN-L Motorola 41-B12 Zenith 10S160
Crosley 56TW Motorola 50X1 Zenith 10S464
Crosley 56TXL Motorola 50XC Zenith 10S668 Plastic
Crosley 62TA Motorola 51H Zenith 10S669 Plastic
Crosley 62TD Motorola 51X15 Zenith 11C021
Crosley 62TF Motorola 51X16 Zenith 12A3
Crosley 63TA Motorola 56X19 Zenith 12H091
Crosley 63TJ Motorola 59T1, 59T2 Zenith 12H092
Crosley 655C Motorola 5T Zenith 12H093
Crosley 66CS Motorola 60X1 Zenith 12H094
Crosley 66TJ Motorola 61F21 Zenith 12-H-670 Plastic
Crosley 66TW,TC,TA Motorola 63A Zenith 12S205
Crosley 6H2 Motorola 63E Zenith 12S232
Crosley 72TA Motorola 6T 6Y 9A 9R Zenith 12S245
Crosley 7H3 Motorola 6T Bandswitch Zenith 12S265
Crosley 9-102 Motorola 6X Zenith 12S266
Crosley D-25MN Motorola 9T Bandswitch Zenith 12S267
Crosley E-30GN, MN Motorola Car Radio Zenith 12S268
Crosley J14 Multi-Elmac AF-68 Zenith 12S345
Crosley REO Multi-Elmac PMR6A Zenith 12S370
Crosley TA-62 Musicaire 579 Zenith 12S371
Crosley TH-52 Musicaire 52-AE-131M Zenith 12S374
Crosley TK52 Musicaire 70A-146M Zenith 12S550
Delco 1120 Musicaire CM443 Zenith 12S595 Glass
Delco R1125 Musicaire Unknown Zenith 15U246
Delco R1126 Musicaire Unknown Bezel Zenith 15U269
Delco R1127 National 2-40C Zenith 15U270
Delco R1128 National 240D Zenith 15U271
Delco R1130 National NC200 Zenith 15U272
Delco R1131 National NC-57 Zenith 15U273
Delco R1138 Northern Electric 5110 Zenith 1942 Plastic Repro
Delco R1151 Northern Electric 7001 Zenith 4B321
Delco R1173 Northern Electric Canada 5000 Zenith 4B515
Delco R1173 Large Northern Electric Canada_5002 Zenith 4F133
Delco R1224 Olympic 7-537 Zenith 4K035
Delco R1231-A Pacific "Crusader" Zenith 4K331
Detrola 106 Pacific 37-6322 Zenith 4K422
Detrola 108 Packard Bell 35 Zenith 4K435
Detrola 134 Packard Bell 36 Zenith 4K515
Detrola 139 Packard Bell 46 Zenith 4K616 Consoltone
Detrola 140 Packard Bell 48 Zenith 4T26
Detrola 144 Packard Bell 50 Zenith 4T26A
Detrola 147 Packard Bell 50 Zenith 5BT11 Export
Detrola 149 Packard Bell 51 Zenith 5D011
Detrola 154 Packard Bell 551 Zenith 5D027
Detrola 177 Packard Bell 100A Zenith 5D2611
Detrola 178 Packard Bell 35G Zenith 5D610
Detrola 208 Packard Bell 35H, 35J Zenith 5D611
Detrola 212 Packard Bell 46A Zenith 5D625
Detrola 250 Packard Bell 46B Zenith 5D627
Detrola 254 Packard Bell 46D Zenith 5G403
Detrola 255 Packard Bell 46E Zenith 5G500
Detrola 270 Packard Bell 46H Zenith 5G504
Detrola 274 Packard Bell 48 Large Zenith 5G534
Detrola 281 Packard Bell 48 Large Zenith 5R135
Detrola 283 Packard Bell 48B Zenith 5R312
Detrola 302 Packard Bell 48BC Zenith 5R312X
Detrola 314 Packard Bell 48D Zenith 5R316
Detrola 319 Packard Bell 48E Zenith 5R317
Detrola 320 Packard Bell 48F Zenith 5R680X
Detrola 322 Packard Bell 48F Zenith 5S043AT
Detrola 327 Packard Bell 48G Zenith 5S119
Detrola 330 Packard Bell 5A  Zenith 5S127
Detrola 342 Packard Bell 5A "Kompak" Zenith 5S237
Detrola 343 Packard Bell 5C Zenith 5-S-29
Detrola 393 Packard Bell 5DA Zenith 5S313
Detrola 417 Packard Bell 5D-DL Zenith 5S319 Plastic Repro
Detrola 426 Packard Bell 5EP Zenith 5S642AT
Detrola 429 Packard Bell 5F Zenith 6A05 Plastic Repro
Detrola 436 Packard Bell 5FP Zenith 6D015
Detrola 579 Packard Bell 5T Zenith 6D029
Detrola 723 Packard Bell 5T Zenith 6D030
Detrola 3041 Packard Bell 65A Zenith 6D2611
Detrola 3042 Packard Bell 65AP Zenith 6D2614 Consoltone
Detrola 3051 Packard Bell Unknown 2 Zenith 6D2615 Consoltone
Detrola 3101 Penwood Clock Zenith 6D2616 Consoltone
Detrola 3202 Philco 655 Zenith 6D2620
Detrola 3281 Philco 32 Canada Zenith 6D311A
Detrola 3301 Philco 37-620 Glass Zenith 6D312
Detrola 3302 Philco 37-650 Zenith 6D315
Detrola 146E Philco 37-89 Zenith 6D326
Detrola 148E Philco 37A Canada Zenith 6D360
Detrola 175E Philco 38-12 Zenith 6D510
Detrola 193E Philco 38-12 Zenith 6D512
Detrola 272D Philco 38-3 Zenith 6D516 "Rounded"
Detrola T-2 Philco 38-35 Zenith 6D516 "Square"
Detrola T2 Egyptian Philco 38-4 Zenith 6D520
Detrola Unknown2 Philco 38-7 Glass Zenith 6D525
Detrola ` 190 Philco 38-9 Zenith 6D525 "Square"
Detrola ` 195 Philco 38-93 Zenith 6D538
DeWald 313 Philco 39-117 Zenith 6D539
DeWald 530 Philco 39-118 Zenith 6D612
DeWald 533 Philco 39-17 Zenith 6D614 Consoltone
DeWald 548 Philco 39-18 Zenith 6D615 Consoltone
DeWald 549 Philco 39-25 Zenith 6D628
DeWald 633 Philco 39-30 Zenith 6D629 Consoltone
DeWald 561-2 Philco 39-319A Canada Zenith 6D644 Consoltone
Dodge_68 Dart Radio Philco 39-35 Zenith 6G001Y Universal
Dumont Unknown Philco 39-6 Zenith 6G038 Plastic Repro
DuMont TV R-108A Philco 39-6173 Dial Zenith 6G501
Echophone EC-1 Philco 39-6520E Zenith 6G601M
Echophone EC-112 Philco 39-7 Zenith 6G638 Plastic Rpro
Echophone EC-113 Philco 39-70 Zenith 6J230
Echophone EC-2 Philco 39-71 Zenith 6P417
Echophone EC3 Philco 39-80 Zenith 6R087
EICO 722 VFO Philco 39-85, 39-85B Zenith 6R583
Elmac AF-67 Philco 40-100 Zenith 6R631
Emerson 107 Philco 40-115 Zenith 6R631 Plastic Repro
Emerson 108 Philco 40-120 Zenith 6R632 Plastic Repro
Emerson 110 Philco 40-120 Small Zenith 6R683
Emerson 117 Philco 40-125 Zenith 6R684
Emerson 132 Philco 40-130 Zenith 6S128
Emerson 138 Philco 40-135 Zenith 6S137
Emerson 153 Philco 40-140 Zenith 6S147
Emerson 156 Philco 40-145 Zenith 6S152
Emerson 169 Philco 40-170CS Zenith 6S157
Emerson 176 Philco 40-221 Zenith 6S171
Emerson 179 Philco 40-501 Zenith 6S229
Emerson 185 Philco 40-90 Zenith 6S27
Emerson 215 Philco 40-95 Zenith 6S301 Plastic Repro
Emerson 217 Philco 41-100 Zenith 6S362
Emerson 261 Philco 41-125 Zenith 6S511
Emerson 268 Philco 41-220 Zenith 6S52
Emerson 274 Philco 41-221 Zenith 6S527
Emerson 301 Philco 41-225 Zenith 6S532 Plastic Repro
Emerson 315 Philco 41-226 Zenith 6S546 Plastic Repro
Emerson 330 Philco 41-231 Zenith 6S580
Emerson 333 Philco 41-258 Zenith 6S627
Emerson 334 Philco 41-603P Zenith 6S632 Plastic Repro
Emerson 336 Philco 41-605 Zenith 6S656 Plastic Repro
Emerson 344 Philco 41-625 Zenith 6V27
Emerson 348 Philco 41-844 Zenith 7G02
Emerson 352 Philco 42-22CL Zenith 7G23
Emerson 355 Philco 42-854 Zenith 7G605 Bomber
Emerson 365 Philco 42KR3 Zenith 7H822
Emerson 376 Philco 42KR5 Zenith 7H912Z
Emerson 400 Philco 42PT92 Zenith 7H921
Emerson 413 Philco 42-PT94 Zenith 7H922
Emerson 414 Philco 42-PT95 Zenith 7J232
Emerson 418 Philco 46-200 Zenith 7S204
Emerson 421 Philco 48-200 Zenith 7S232
Emerson 427 Philco 48-214 Zenith 7S240
Emerson 433 Philco 48-225 Zenith 7S242
Emerson 467 Philco 49-1405 Zenith 7S258
Emerson 503 Philco 49-503 Zenith 7S260
Emerson 510 Philco 49-905 Zenith 7S261
Emerson 520 Philco 50-1421 Zenith 7S363
Emerson 522 Philco 50-1422 Zenith 7S529 Plastic Repro
Emerson 539 Philco 50-925 Zenith 7S530 Plastic Repro
Emerson 543 Philco 53-701 Clock Zenith 7S547 Plastic Repro
Emerson 544 Philco 53-706 Clock Zenith 7S557 Plastic Repro
Emerson 581 Philco 65A Zenith 7S558 Plastic Repro
Emerson 642 Philco Clock "A" Zenith 7S582 Plastic Repro
Emerson 788 Philco CR-2 Zenith 7S629 Plastic Repro
Emerson "Big Strad" Philco D736-124 Zenith 7S630 Plastic Repro
Emerson 117 Round Philco Flying Wedge Zenith 7S633 Plastic Repro
Emerson 330 Gold Philco PT-25 Zenith 7S634 Plastic Repro
Emerson 34C Philco PT-26 Zenith 7S657 Plastic Repro
Emerson 406 Patriot Philco PT-29 Zenith 7S682 Plastic Repro
Emerson 7-BW-179 Philco PT-30 Zenith 7S684 Plastic Repro
Emerson 9LW344 Philco PT-42 Zenith 804 Glass
Emerson A130 Philco PT-44 Zenith 807 Glass
Emerson A148 Philco PT-46 Zenith 808 Glass
Emerson AC-149 Philco PT-49 Zenith 809 Glass
Emerson AC-168 Philco PT-50 Zenith 811 Glass
Emerson AC-270 Philco PT-61 Zenith 812 Glass
Emerson AD-108 Philco PT-69 Clock Zenith 8G005Y
Emerson AE-162 Philco PT-69 Dial Zenith 8H034
Emerson AG-151 Philco PT-91 Zenith 8H832
Emerson AL-149 Philco PT-93 Zenith 8R137
Emerson AL-168 Philco PT-96 Zenith 8S129
Emerson AM-131 Philco TH-1 Zenith 8S137
Emerson AM-169 Philco TH15 Zenith 8S154
Emerson AM-187 Pagoda Philco TH-4 TH-5 Zenith 8S463
Emerson AP-165 Philco TP-12 Zenith 8S647
Emerson AP-185 Philco UN6-100  Zenith 8S647 
Emerson AR-171 Philco  39-31 Zenith 8S661 
Emerson AR-176 Philco  47-204 Zenith 9H079
Emerson AU190 Philco  TH-3 Zenith 9H081
Emerson AU-213 Phonola 529 Zenith 9H082
Emerson AW-176 Pilot 23 Zenith 9H984LP
Emerson AX-212 Pilot 213 Zenith 9S204
Emerson AX-235  Pilot 215 Zenith 9S232
Emerson AX-238 Pilot 243 Zenith 9S242
Emerson B-131 Pilot T1252 Zenith 9S244
Emerson BA-201 Pilot T502 Zenith 9S262
Emerson BD-197 Pilot X-1252 Zenith 9S263
Emerson BF-204 Pilot  1151 Zenith 9S264
Emerson BF-207 Pilot   JR Zenith 9S344
Emerson BJ-214 Pilot FM Tuner 601 Zenith 9S363
Emerson BL-210 Porto BarRadio PB520 Zenith 9S367
Emerson BM-203 Porto BarRadio R3852S Zenith G500
Emerson BM-204 Radio Vision 414 Zenith M500
Emerson BM-206 Radiola 512 Zenith S829
Emerson BM-215 Radiola 510B Zenith 3.75" Dia S829_Glass
Emerson BM-247 RCA 25X Zenith 3-7/8" Dia 5S29 Glass
Emerson BM-258 RCA 5X Zenith 4-1/4" Dia 980 Glass
Emerson BN-206 RCA 88K Zenith 4-1/8" Dia 836 Glass
Emerson BT-245 RCA 8T Zenith 5-1/4" Dia 5R216 Glass
Emerson BY-233 RCA 94BT61 Zenith 5-1/4" Dia 5S237 Glass
Emerson C-134 RCA C15 Auto Radio Zenith 5-5/8" Dia 10S464 Glass
Emerson C-138 RCA C7-6 Zenith 5-5/8" Dia 8S463 Glass
Emerson CA-234 RCA  10K Zenith 6-1/4" Dia 6S27 Glass
Emerson CG-276 RCA  13K Zenith 6-1/4" Dia 6S52 Glass
Emerson CG-318 RCA  15K Zenith 6-5/8" Dia 5S127 Glass
Emerson CL-246 RCA  1X, 1X2 Zenith 6-5/8" Dia 6S229 Glass
Emerson CM-267 RCA  24BT-2 Zenith 6-7/8" Dia Plastic "D" Repro
Emerson CR-261 RCA  45X11 Zenith 7" Dia 12A3 Glass
Emerson CR-262 RCA  45X13 Zenith 7" Dia 12S569 Glass
Emerson CS-272 RCA  45X3 Zenith 7" Dia 12S595 Glass
Emerson CS-320 RCA  46X1, 46X2 Zenith 7" Dia 7" Shutterdial Glass
Emerson CU-265 RCA  46X11 Zenith 7" Dia 8S531 Glass
Emerson CV1-290 RCA  46X13 Zenith 7" Dia 8S548 Glass
Emerson CV1-291 RCA  46X3 Zenith 7" Dia 8S563 Glass
Emerson CV-264 RCA  55X Zenith 7" Dia 9S367 Glass
Emerson CV-280 RCA  5T Zenith 7-1/8" Dia 7S363 Glass
Emerson CV-289 RCA  5T7 Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 6S249
Emerson CV-290 RCA  6K2 Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 6S254
Emerson CV-291 RCA  6T Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 6S256
Emerson CV-295 RCA  7T Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 7J232
Emerson CV-298 Strad RCA  7T-5 Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 8S129
Emerson CV-313 RCA  810T Zenith 8-1/2" Dia 8S154 Plastic
Emerson CV-316 RCA  85E Zenith 8-1/2" Dia Shutterdial
Emerson CY-286 RCA  85K Zenith 8-1/2" Dia Walton's 
Emerson CY-288 RCA  85T    
Emerson CZ-282 RCA  86X    
Emerson DA-287 RCA  95T    
Emerson DB-247 RCA  95X6    
Emerson DB-301 RCA  9K1    
Emerson DB-307 RCA  9K3    
Emerson DB-315 RCA  9SX Little Nipper    
Emerson DB-347 RCA  ACR-111    
Emerson DF-302 RCA  C11-1    
Emerson DJ-310 RCA  C15-3    
Emerson DL1-330 RCA  Coin_OP    
Emerson DM-331 RCA  D11-2    
Emerson DP-332 RCA  Q21    
Emerson DQ-344 RCA  T6-1    
Emerson DQ-398 RCA  T8-18    
Emerson DR1-343 RCA  X55    
Emerson DR-343 Regal Ultradyne    
Emerson DR-352 Remington 1100    
Emerson DR-365 RME 70    
Emerson DS-436 RME 22A    
Emerson DS-507 RME DB-20    
Emerson DX-356 RME HF-10    
Emerson DY-349 RME HF-20    
Emerson EC-301 Rogers Majestic 6M531    
Emerson EC-347 Rogers Majestic 9M515    
Emerson EC-353 Rogers Majestic Unknown    
Emerson EC-366 Rogers_Majestic 9R991    
Emerson EC-425 Russian 6H1    
Emerson ED-354 Scott 16    
Emerson EG-355 Scott Laureate    
Emerson EH-342 Scott Phantom_Deluxe    
Emerson EP-367 Scott RB02 Marine    
Emerson EP-375 Scott SLR-12B    
Emerson EQ-368 Sentinel 52    
Emerson FH-440 Sentinel 221    
Emerson FL-419 Sentinel 284    
Emerson L117 Sentinel 309    
Emerson Mae West Sentinel 100X    
Emerson R-152 Sentinel 125AE    
Emerson R-153 Sentinel 159A    
Emerson R-156 Sentinel 175BT    
Emerson R-158 Sentinel 177U    
Emerson R-167 Sentinel 195-ULTA    
Emerson Snow White Sentinel 198AE    
Emerson Strad Sentinel 203UL    
Emerson U5A Sentinel 238 Book    
Emerson Unknown Sentinel 248NR    
Emerson Unknown 2 Sentinel 249W    
Emerson Z159 Sentinel 275T    
ERLA 22P Sentinel 285P    
ERLA 7A126E Sentinel 293T    
ERLA 96BE-174E Sentinel 73B    
Fada 52 Setchell-Carlson 23    
Fada 53 Setchell-Carlson 63    
Fada 69 Setchell-Carlson 407    
Fada 115 Setchell-Carlson 416    
Fada 120 Setchell-Carlson 427    
Fada 148 Setchell-Carlson 588    
Fada 169 Setchell-Carlson 600    
Fada 190 Setchell-Carlson 421RD    
Fada 209 Setchell-Carlson Super 8    
Fada 220 Silver Marshall Meter    
Fada 260 Silver-Marshall Masterpiece V    
Fada 263 Silvertone 15    
Fada 264 Silvertone 18    
Fada 351 Silvertone 1181    
Fada 365 Silvertone 1561    
Fada 609 Silvertone 1571    
Fada 610 Silvertone 1831    
Fada 711 Silvertone 2051    
Fada 740 Silvertone 2411    
Fada 790 Silvertone 2421    
Fada 1000 Silvertone 2451    
Fada 1005 Silvertone 2511    
Fada 119 Bakelite Silvertone 3041    
Fada 119 Wood Silvertone 3859    
Fada 160T Silvertone 4470    
Fada 241T Silvertone 4563    
Fada 366C Silvertone 4564    
Fada 382T Silvertone 4565    
Fada 451T Silvertone 4664    
Fada 461K Silvertone 4666    
Fada 5F60 Silvertone 4688    
Fada 68T Silvertone 4763    
Fada A66 Silvertone 4765    
Fada Bullet Silvertone 4786    
Fada F44 Silvertone 4788    
Fada L56 Silvertone 5711    
Fada L67 Silvertone 5751    
Fada L96W Silvertone 6016    
Fada LA60 Silvertone 6018    
Fada  F55 Silvertone 6050    
Fairbanks Morse 57 Silvertone 6120    
Fairbanks Morse 71 Silvertone 6130    
Fairbanks Morse 72 Silvertone 6132    
Fairbanks Morse 7117 Silvertone 6157    
Fairbanks Morse 5A Silvertone 6220    
Fairbanks Morse 5AT1 Silvertone 6230    
Fairbanks Morse 5BT2 Silvertone 6232    
Fairbanks Morse 5C Silvertone 6250    
Fairbanks Morse 68T6 Silvertone 6251    
Fairbanks Morse 6A Silvertone 6324    
Fairbanks Morse 8A Silvertone 6324    
Fairbanks Morse 90 Glass Silvertone 6327    
Fairbanks Morse SC Silvertone 6356    
Farnsworth AT-20 Silvertone 6421    
Farnsworth AT-22 Silvertone 6424    
Farnsworth BT-50 Silvertone 6447    
Farnsworth BT-54 Silvertone 7002    
Farnsworth SE-403 Silvertone 7035    
Farnsworth Unknown Silvertone 7036    
Fearnola 300 Silvertone 7037    
Federal 1040T Silvertone 7055    
Federal 1040T Silvertone 7090    
Federal Unknown Silvertone 7104    
Firestone 3071 Silvertone 7106    
Firestone Air Chief ? Silvertone 7142    
Firestone D727 Silvertone 7227    
Firestone R-3051-A Silvertone 7241    
Firestone R-3061 Silvertone 7252    
Firestone R-3063 Silvertone 7315    
Firestone R-3071 Silvertone 7421    
Firestone S-7304-7 Silvertone 7521    
Firestone S-7398-1 Silvertone 7807    
Firestone S-7398-2 Silvertone 8010    
Firestone S-7398-3 Silvertone 9022    
Firestone S7398-7 Silvertone 1954X    
Firestone S-7403-1 Silvertone 46C    
Firestone S7403-3 Silvertone 47 / 49 Clock    
Firestone S-7403-4 Silvertone 6210D    
Firestone S7403-5 Silvertone 7054 (1941)    
Firestone S-7403-6 Silvertone 7054 (1947)    
Firestone S-7403-7 Silvertone 8270A    
Firestone S-7405-5 Silvertone R1171    
Firestone S-7425-5 Silvertone R1261    
    Silvertone T2    
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